We are raising tadpoles!

I happened to leave a bucket outside, and was reminded of that when the dog started drinking rainwater out of it. I went to dump it out, but found a lot of tadpoles inside it! We moved the tadpoles to a larger container of collected rainwater and brought them inside. They get visibly larger by the day!


Pruning a drive with perl

print "Starting\n";
if (-e '/tmp/prune.lock') {
        print "Already running, quitting\n";
        exit 0;

system("touch /tmp/prune.lock");

my $pct = 100;
my $filelist = `find /home/bittorrent/r/bittorrent -printf '%T+ %p\n' | sort | cut -d " " -f 2-`;
my @files = split(/\n/, $filelist);
while($pct > 96) {
        my $duinfo = `df -h`;
        if ($duinfo =~ /bittorrent.+ (\d+)\%/) {
                $pct = $1;
                print "pct is $pct\n";
                if ($pct > 96) {
                        my $delfile = shift(@files);
                        print "Canning $delfile since pct is $pct\n";
        } else {
                print "line: $duinfo\n";
                die "Cant get space stats!";
my $emptydirs = `find /home/bittorrent/r/bittorrent/ -type d -empty`;
my @deldirs = split(/\n/, $emptydirs);
while(my $deldir = shift(@deldirs)) {
        $deldir =~ s/([^A-Za-z0-9\.\/])/\\$1/g;
        if ($deldir ne '/home/bittorrent/r/bittorrent/') {
                print "Removing empty dir $deldir\n";
                system("rm -rf $deldir");


Great books about brain-]internet implants

I recently had a discussion with someone about brain implants. I pointed them to this amazing series: . Great fictional series that really explores the near-future!

New car!

I got this car because the truck died. Sad. 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse V6!

And now the A/C is broke. In 105 degree heat index weather. ONLY $1600 to fix! But I still love it.

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